Beer Mile & Milk (& Cookies!) Run - presented by Mountain Beverage

Sunday, June 4
Milk & Cookies Run – 11am
Beer Mile – 11:45am

4 laps, 4 deliciously cold draughts of Coors or 4 similarly bubbly non-alcoholic facsimiles for the teetotalers (that means non-drinkers). Winners receive a 24-pack of glory, individually packaged in eco-friendly and 100% recyclable 12oz containers. ALL ONLINE ENTRANTS RECEIVE ONE CUSTOM BANQUET BEER MILE TRUCKER HAT. Which will be sweet. And which will TRUMPET your awesomeness from now until the day you shuffle off your mortal coil. Or until you lose it. Or until the day when one of your pals (in a fit of envy-fueled pique & pettiness) steals it from you. Then the awesome transfers to them (with a bit of a karmic ding).

The beer category is open to runners, ball’rs and bon vivants 21 years or older. Solo and 2-person team categories available. Not 21? Don’t like beer? We’ll have fizzy non-alcoholic drinks on hand for non-drinkers. If you’re 18 or under, sign up for the Milk (& Cookies!) Run.

Howzat work? What’s the Milk and Cookies Run, you ask? Great question! It’s a race for kids 18 and under and broken into teams of 2 or 4. After each lap the runners need to consume one glass of milk (chocolate or regular) and one chocolate chip cookie.


Thanks, Mountain Beverage!