LoFi Super D – CO State Champs


It’s fast. It’s cheap. It’s fun. You can take as many runs as you want and keep your best time. The winner? State Champ (some restrictions apply…but not a bunch).

Oh yeah – It starts at 1pm on Saturday, June 4.

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Click HERE for complete 2016 State Championship results.


The race starts at 1pm sharp. We’ll have a rider’s meeting at the start. ALL RIDERS MUST ATTEND ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN FOR THE MEETING AT 1PM.


  • STAGE 1 – Redneck Ridge (to Bellyache Ridge Road)
    • Start: Both stages start at the beginning of the Pool and Ice Trail at the trailhead on Bellyache Ridge Road. Shuttling is NOT allowed. Riders found to be shuttling will be disqualified. Please give yourself ample time to reach the race start ON YOUR OWN POWER.
    • Finish: Stage 1 finishes where Redneck Ridge meets Bellyache Ridge Road two-thirds of the way down the trail. Riders must then climb under their own power to the start. Shuttling is not allowed and will result in a disqualification. The road is open to vehicles (just not yours). Please stay to the right.
  • STAGE 2 – Pool and Ice Trail, top to bottom
    • Start – top of Pool and Ice Trail (on Bellyache Ridge Road)
    • Finish – behind Ice Rink. We MAY be able to move the finish uphill to the bottom of Pool and Ice proper, but if not, be prepared to race that last mile of XC terrain as a part of your course. We’ll notify you at the start.

Pros and Category 1 riders will be given the opportunity to self-identify and will be given start preference for both stages. There will be no start list for either stage.

We’ll have a minimum 30-second interval between riders. We’ll also create a break between categories where necessary to allow the course to clear.

1. Shuttling is not allowed and will result in disqualification and public social media shaming.
2. The Pool and Ice Trail will be used by BEGINNER XC RIDERS until noon on Saturday. Super D riders are not allowed to practice on that course until noon.
3. Passing – riders are expected to yield the course to the overtaking rider. OUR rules stipulate that the faster rider has the right of way and must be allowed to pass at the soonest safe opportunity.
4. No headphones allowed.





– Head NORTH (towards Eagle) from event venue on Capitol Street
– Turn EAST (right) on 3rd Street
– Climb/drive past school, then turn LEFT (north) on Mill Road
– Take an immediate RIGHT on Bluffs Drive
– The trailhead will be on your right after 1 block
– Ride up Boneyard Trail or Bellyache Ridge Road approximately 3 miles to race starts
– At the conclusion of Stage 1, head back uphill to original start, approximately 1.5 miles up the road.




Format is simple – it’s a 2-run course. Best combined time in each category wins the hardware. Time trial starts for all classes/categories for run 1, order of arrival for run 2. We’ll slide breaks between categories to allow the course to clear.

Courses will be announced at 11am on Saturday. On-site registration closes at noon sharp. All riders need to be prepared to leave base venue at noon to pedal to start.

Registration Fees

Class/Category $ on-site/online
Junior 8-18 Cat 1/2/3 $35 $25
Master 30-39 Pro/Cat 1/2/3 $45 $35
Master 40+ Pro/Cat 1/2/3 $45 $35
Senior 19-29 Pro/Cat 1/2/3 $45 $35
Junior 8-18 Cat 1/2/3 $35 $25
40+ Cat 1/2/3 $45 $35
19-39 Pro/Cat 1/2/3 $45 $35

What else do you get with your entry? One SWANK LoFi 2016 CO State Championships tee and a token good for a beer/beverage at the Dusty Boot.

USAC licenses are available online and on-site. Annual license fees vary by category. Once day licenses are available for ALL categories. $25 for PRO/Cat 1’s, $10 for everyone else.

Anyone may race, but ONLY annual license holders from Colorado are eligible to win the state championship.


Online registration is open. Click here to get signed up: LEMME REGISTER, FOO!

We’ll also accept on-site registration from 5-8pm on Friday and from 7am-noon on Saturday. USAC licenses will also be checked and sold here. On-site registration closes at noon sharp. Packet pickup for the LoFi is open during the same time period. All on-site registration is subject to an additional $10 fee. RIDERS MUST BE PREPARED TO LEAVE BAE VENUE BY NOON TO PEDAL TO START (start locations announced at 10am).

Race HQ (registration and packet pickup) can be found in the Addison Building, which is the last storefront on your right before Capital intersects with Sylvan Lake Road. Look for the a-frame signs directing you in. You can’t miss us.

The Rules

We pride ourselves on having just three, but sometimes that isn’t enough. So here goes;

  • Our standard three rules apply (these touch on being poopie, wearing your helmet and littering). The first is HIGHLY discouraged. The second is mandatory. The third constitutes a disqualification.
  • The USAC rulebook will also be in effect.
  • No headphones. Sorry. We get it that you dig your jams, but when someone’s balled up behind you because you can’t hear them ask to pass, you’ve piloted your personal soul train one bridge too far on Planet Manners.
  • Passing – if someone’s faster than you, the rulebook says that you DON’T have to let them by. We’ve yet to have the logic of that adequately explained, so for this day, we’re chucking that rule out. If someone’s faster than you, mentally tip your hat and get out of the way as soon as it’s safe to do so. See also; Rule #1.

Anyone 8 and over is allowed to race and one-day licenses are available to all online and on site. However…ONLY annual license holders (XC or Gravity) from Colorado are eligible to win the state champion title.


Courses will be announced at 10am on Saturday, June 4. No yodeling about this, please. Each run will be well marked and marshaled and everyone is gonna have a GREAT time. Both courses are rad. And long. And then rad some more.

Don’t forget – registration for the Super D closes at noon on Saturday. Riders need to be prepared to leave the base venue by noon in order to pedal to their start.

Can’t make it by noon to register on-site? Better pre-register, kid. No exceptions on the nooner.

Bike Selection

To each his/her own, but a 7-inch bike is probably overkill for this course. Helmets ARE required, body protection encouraged.

Categories / Times / Purse / Awards

Here you go – categories and start time with several new additions. Now in sync with USAC’s official Super D categories.


MEN - ALL         
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Junior Cat 1/2/3 8-14 Medals 35-6mi $25 $35
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Junior Cat 1/2/3 15-18 Medals 35-6mi $25 $35
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Senior Cat 1/2/3 19-29 Medals 35-6mi $35 $45
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Master Cat 1/2/3 30-39 Medals 35-6mi $35 $45
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Master Cat 1/2/3 40+ Medals 35-6mi $35 $45
Sat, June 4, 1pmM Super D Pro/Open 15+ $500 35-6mi $45 $55
Sat, June 4, 1pmW Super D Junior Cat 1/2/3 8-14 Medals 35-6mi $25 $35
Sat, June 4, 1pmW Super D Junior Cat 1/2/3 15-18 Medals 35-6mi $25 $35
Sat, June 4, 1pmW Super D Cat 1/2/3 19-39 Medals 35-6mi $35 $45
Sat, June 4, 1pmW Super D Master Cat 1/2/3 40+ Medals 35-6mi $35 $45
Sat, June 4, 1pmW Super D Pro/Open 15+ $500 35-6mi $45 $55

Special thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, the Town of Eagle, Eagle Ranch Village and the United States Forest Service. A significant portion of this event is conducted on public lands under special permit from the aforementioned parties including the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service.