Frequently Asked Questions

Why USAC? Why now?

You know, it was just time, really. That and a wholesale change in USAC’s executive team. Plus the fact that they asked us nicely. In the end, we felt that opting to live in perpetual conflict wasn’t an accurate representation of who we really were as people and as an organization. We’ve been reviewing changes at USAC for a few years now with an open mind towards a reconciliation of sorts. When the numbers and the personalities lined up, we made the leap. Thanks especially to Steve McCauley for reaching out, to Joan Hanscom for stepping in, to Stephanie and Erin for all of their gracious help and patience, and to Derek (the new Steve Johnson) who seems to really understand mountain biking’s strategic significance.

We may not sanction every event with them, but for Eagle it makes sense. And we’re optimistic. My guess is that they are as well.

Why Super-D? Why not Enduro?

Why no Enduro? Well, you may have heard about GoPro’s event the week following ours. The decision to produce something a bit different was out of respect for them, in acknowledgement of the very real concept of venue fatigue, and the desire not to cannibalize their event’s field. We also think that the courses can really only withstand a finite amount of pressure and we don’t want to negatively impact them if at all possible.

I’m a PRO or Cat 1, but don’t want to purchase and annual license. What can I do?

USAC has graciously allowed us to offer one-day licenses for every rider including those that would fall under the “expert” or “pro” heading. A $10 one-day license is available for Category 2 and 3 riders, while a $25 “experienced one-day license” is available for the domestic Pro or Cat 1 competitor that doesn’t see the need to purchase an annual license. These folks will be allowed to purchase a one-day license and compete in a non-championship category (state championships are only awarded to annual license holders…you give a little and you get a little, right?)

“Experienced” one-day license holders will queue up with their appropriate category in the start corral on race day.

Why isn’t every age breakdown offered?

Baby steps, that’s why. The Firebird is still maturing and it doesn’t make sense to offer 75 categories for an event with 225 people in it. If we grow to 400 this year we’ll give you the knee-bangers (category-wise) in 2017.

To be fair, there are a buttload of categories being offered – like a 7-zillion percent increase over last year.

Baby steps. Right then.

I wanna volunteer!

Bless your heart. We’ve got lots of small-sized volunteer jobs and each vollie receives a sweet state championships event tee and free race entry for every shift worked. Head to our volunteer page for more info.